Monday, January 7, 2008

Sens TV

Speaking of maddening hockey TV , I purchased a game on "Sens TV" on January 4, 2008. This was a pay-per-view game and cost me $12.95 plus taxes through Rogers. It was $2 more because I purchased the HD channel. Like, what's that about? I already pay extra for an HD terminal, so why the extra money for the HD channel? I guess it goes to the Sens organization for the production of Sens TV.
And speaking of production, what a shite production that game was. So you want to watch a Sens game on a night no one else is broadcasting it, and you have to pay. That's maddening enough. But you'd think that since you're paying for it (and therefore there are no commercials), they could at least put a little production into it. What we got was some montages of Sens goals against the Sabres. No voice over, just some bad, indiscernible music.
And Dean Brown has to be the worst play-by-play man out there. He's worse than American announcers.
Okay, I get it that he's from Ottawa, does play-by-play on the radio broadcasts, and the Sens are his team. I'm a Sens fan too. But he sounds like a cheap cheerleader. Have a little professionalism. I mean, hockey fans want authoritative analysis -- not blatant biases. And don't get me started on his blithering over Luke Richardson's recent first goal in, what, four years? Brown still hasn't shut up about it.
Oh, and if you check out his blog (I'm not going to bother to link it here), you'll notice the porker can't write either.
Gad, he makes me angry.

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