Wednesday, May 2, 2007

That's Mr. Tower

Speaking of pretentious music reviewers (see previous blog - BRMC are Killers), pitchfork media is definitely at the top of the list.
That's why the blog site predictfork is so great. It's like the pie in the face to celebrities. Mr. Trellick Tower attempts to predict the ratings pitchfork will make on albums. It's great. Check it out...because pitchfork makes me angry.

BRMC are Killers

One has to be leary when reading music reviews. Many "reviewers" are too pretentious for their own good. That's why I'm glad I didn't take seriously a few reviews I read of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's new album, Baby 81.

Usually I like the reviews at . But the reviewer (whom I won't name because they don't deserve to be named on this hallowed site) for Baby 81 loved their last album, Howl, so much that they wanted more of the same. But upon first listen of the album, I realized that the reviewer, if you read between the lines, doesn't like this album because it is definitely BRMC's most accessible album to date. Does that mean it's a sell out. No, I don't think so. They just rock a little harder with Baby 81. They almost (I said almost) sound like the Killers, but of course better because they are BRMC! It's another great album by a great band.

So beware of pretentious reviewers. They like think they're so like escoteric. I mean, like, oh my god. They make me angry.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


You may have noticed one of my favourite books is Nineteen Eighty-Four. George Orwell's prophecies in his book have come true with the advent of MSN. Kids talk in Newspeak.
You think it's cool? You think it's hip?
It's the degradation of a language. We're dumming down. Kids can't write today, because they grew up on, "Wassup? R U up 4 a par-tay 2nite? It's nbd".
It makes me angry.

Monster commentator

I just finished watching game four of the Rangers vs. Sabres in the NHL playoffs. TSN commentator Pierre McGuire makes me angry. I can't stand his delivery. I can't stand his tone. I can't stand his pitch. That's the way he talks. In threes. "Jaromir Jagr is all about speed. He's all about strength. He's all about skill." He does this all the time. It's maddening. He reminds me of someone who practices in front of the mirror at home.
He also does his "monster play of the game" where he talks in this three-pronged manner, and raises his voice as he continues describing the monster play of the game building to a crescendo as he claims that why so-and-so is the monster play of the game!!! Then tiers off low, as his dénouement.
Is it just me? Does anyone like this guy?
People complain about Don Cherry, but Cherry is entertaining. He has something to say, and he's real. Everything about McGuire seems contrived.
He makes me angry.


Let's get one thing straight right off the bat. I'm not about flash. I'm a johnny-come-lately when it comes to technology. I'm struggling to get through creating this blog ...