Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blu-Ray Blues

I've never been an early adapter to technology. I still use a Sony Discman, and I'm not on Facebook. But when I got my Samsung LCD HD 1080p TV recently, they threw in a Samsung Blu-Ray player. Blu-Ray movies look AWESOME. However, there's always a catch, isn't there. The technology is so new that there are glitches. Apparently, the studios don't make all Blu-Ray discs the same. So when you rent -- or buy! -- a Blu-Ray disc, beware, because they're a hit and miss.
This, I found out, when a month or so ago I rented on Blu-Ray "Live Free or Die Hard," the Bruce Willis movie. It wouldn't work in my player. I thought it was a damaged disc, so took it back and, of course, they didn't have another. So I went to another Rogers and rented it there (so I rented it twice). It didn't work either.
So I telephoned Samsung and asked wtf?? (I know I said in an earlier blog I don't like MSN-speak, but I'm trying to keep this PG rated).
They informed me -- get this-- that right now, because it's so new, not all Blu-Rays play on my player. They are working on "firmware upgrades", whatever that is. And from what I was told by Samsung, this will be ongoing. They can either send me a DVD that upgrades the player each time there is a new firmware upgrade, or, using a USB cable, I can hook my Blu-Ray player up to my computer and download the upgrade (okay, that's kind of cool).
BUT -- they didn't have the upgrade for the Bruce Willis movie yet and it would be awhile. So I rented it on regular DVD (and the movie, as it turned out, wasn't worth all this hassle).
It happened to me again with "Pirates of the Carribean III." It really is hit and miss. Thankfully, Rogers lets me rent the regular DVD for free when I bring the Blu-Ray back with my sob story. But this is really getting to be a pain.
It makes me angry.

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