Friday, January 18, 2008

It's the language, stupid

The Ottawa Citizen rarely misses an opportunity to exaggerate an issue. And quite often I have to wonder about its motives when it writes about government (Okay, I confess, Mr. Bitterman is a federal bureaucrat -- why do you think he's so bitter!). There's been two articles in the last couple months where it's obvious, the Citizen writer just doesn't get it when it comes to the federal government. One was that the federal government, after opening up jobs to the public across Canada, wasn't getting many takers. Gee, I wonder why??
The most recent was titled, "Minorities Losing Ground in PS"

You'd think the writer would have learned after her first article, because the
Citizen received all kinds of letters to the editor telling them it's the language, stupid! The federal government has language restrictions for jobs. Most jobs -- almost all jobs in the National Capital Region -- require bilingualism. So someone in Cow Town, Alberta, isn't likely to be bilingual, are they? And the same goes with this most recent article about immigrants not finding work in the federal public service.
The writer has a throw away line about language, and does not substantiate it. It reads:
"Visible minorities are also more educated than most applicants; half have bachelor degrees or higher. Language doesn't seem to be barrier, especially for entry jobs, and neither does the preference for Canadian citizenship."
Excuse me? Langue doesn't seem to be a barrier??
Let's face it, minorities have their mother tongue, probably have learned English since coming to Canada, and if they want to work for the federal government, they also have to have French as well. No wonder they are "losing ground."
Why is the Citizen so blind to this?
The Citizen's stupidity and the preventative language restrictions make me angry.

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