Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Guess Who at Senators and Leafs games

Mr. Bitterman demands that more CANADIAN music be played at hockey games in Canada. Americans only know American music. It's a disgrace there isn't more CANADIAN music at hockey games!
Oh wait. We're there for the hockey, aren't we.
Quebec publisher Michel Brule needed some publicity and, well, it was a slow news day, I guess. So, as the Ottawa Sun reports, he complained there isn't enough French music at Habs games.
Typical of people of his ilk, he blames it on anglophones. "Anglophones are the most ethnocentric people in the history of humanity," he said. "Anglophones only listen to anglophone music and only read books written by anglophone authors."
So what's he saying? The DJ at the Bell Centre is English? That all hockey fans at the Bell Centre are English?
Boring. Expected if you will. Typical.
And makes me angry.

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