Thursday, February 21, 2008

Federal government language policy

A young man was hired as the lifeguard at the pool at
the Prime Minister's residence at 24 Sussex Drive.
The PM's family was making use of the pool when one of his children encountered some difficulty and cried for help.
The lifeguard ignored the cries, so the PM himself had to plunge into
the pool to rescue the boy.
Afterwards, the PM grilled the lifeguard. "You ass! Didn't you see that
my son was in trouble?"
"Yes, sir, but I can't swim."
"How the hell did you land the job of lifeguard then?"
"I'm bilingual."
This made the PM angry.

(Disclaimer: this was a joke -- but it does, in a Seinfeld kind of way, sum up the situation with the federal government).

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