Thursday, February 7, 2008

Unilingual English AND French discriminated against

The comment sent in my previous post makes a good point, one that I failed to mention. Both unilingual (or at least not fully bilingual) English AND French are being discriminated against with this heavy-handed Official Languages policy.
As our friends at PWGSC stated in their letter to Graham Fraser: "There has not been one opportunity that we can recall for unilingual employees, may they be English or French in years. And as a result, many quality employees have been forced to leave RPB to areas where the language requirements are not as punishing. Unilingual Canadians, at least a few years back, were considered valued employees in the workplace. Now it would seem that they are a burden to the social engineering project."
The Official Languages policy, taken directly from the Official Language Commissioner's web site under the tab, "your language rights", states the following (you tell me if the hiring practices of the federal government provide equality to non-bilingual people):
"All Canadians, whether English OR French and without regard to their ethnic origin or first language learned, have the right to benefit from the Government of Canada's commitment to ensuring that they have equal opportunities to obtain employment and advancement in Federal Institutions".
The hiring policies, of not just PWGSC, but throughout the Government of Canada, are prohibitive to those who do not have a strong command of BOTH lanaguages.
It makes me angry.

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