Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mad Max beguiled by beauty

Poor Maxime Bernier, Canada's now former Minister of Foreign Affairs. (See Ottawa Citizen "Troubled Bernier quits over document breach") It's an old story, but he succumbed to the wiles of a beautiful woman -- Julie Couillard. It was only last summer they looked like a Hollywood couple as he was sworn in as Minister of Foreign Affairs.
But today, his limo is gone, his beautiful girl is gone, and now he'll sit in the backbenches with the rest of the underachievers and wannabes in Parliament.
Poor judgement? Sure. But have you seen Ms. Couillard? Despite being a Minister of the Crown, he is still human.
I have to wonder, however, what he did to the lovely Ms. Couillard to have her turn on him so. When news came out she had been associated with bikers, Mad Max simply replied that she was part of his private life, and that it was not public.
But she has certainly made their "private life" public. In fact, if you listen to her, it's as if it's his fault she was married to a biker and associated to bikers...that HE is somehow ruining her life. Why, because the press found out about her past choices? And it's his fault.
Yes, poor Mad Max. He obviously made poor choices too. But can hardly blame him. It kinda makes me angry.

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